“They are paid in bottle caps! With which we are quite flush!”


Written and produced by Tim Mucci, Nick Douglas, and Serena Berman, with story help by Dan King


Serena Berman as Claire 

Sarah Jes Austell as Bea

Tim Mucci as Surgat and Doug

Brendan Dalton as Mocifer

Arielle Gonzalez as Hannah

Jenny Gorelick as Jo

Additional voices by Jake Beckhard, Serena Berman, Nick Douglas, Arielle Gonzalez, Jenny Gorelick, Tim Mucci, and Levi Sharpe

Edit, sound design, and mix by Levi Sharpe

Recorded at Fortunate Horse Studio in Brooklyn, New York

Theme song composed by Jason Oberholtzer and performed by John Girgus

Outro theme by Sybs

Art by Andrea Sparacio and Mike Mucci

Website: roommatefromhell.rip

Email: roommatefromhellshow@gmail.com

Twitter: @evilsitcom

Instagram: @evilsitcom